Hi, my name is Julie and I am a 24 years old Dutch girl who’s working in Finance! Luckily I’m not a geek without hobbies.. As you can see, photography is what I love and for keeping myself on track I like to share it with other people. After studying in Leuven, Paris and London, Amsterdam is my new HQ!


Since 2010, the moment I got my first Nikon-camera, I got into the picture-thing. No courses were followed, just the manual and the Internet were my main teachers. And for sure, the trial and error process!

I think sharing pictures creates new opportunities to learn from each other. So if you like what I do please follow! It’s always nice to have some support for what someone does.

In the beginning, I will try to put frequently (two or three times a week) new posts so the blog gets a bit “cachet” ;) (I just mean that the blog would be worth reading) afterwards it will be once a week, so I’ll have some time to inspire myself about possible projects! I’m always open for cooperation :)

Please know that the pictures have copyrights. I’m the owner of the pictures unless it is stated that I’m not. So for using them for special purposes, you should first ask my permission!



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